With a background in djing at such a young age, I found myself inspired by the creative process. Engulfed with two turntables and a 4-track recorder, the art of creating mixtapes was so fascinating to me. The whole idea of mixing songs and "cutting" lyrics together to create something new was a process I thoroughly enjoyed. It was only a matter of time till the curiosity of combining visual and sound came together. 

A friend of mine asked for a slideshow, and instead I decided to produce something a little more entertaining and had somewhat of a story. The result? A short little documentary along the similarities of MTV's Driven. The response from that led to shooting weddings which, in turn, have led to projects for AT&T, The Pepsi Co., and Sony. 

Yes I did study TV/Film in college, however, a great deal of what I have acquired is from personal motivation and willingness to tell the best story possible in any given situation. I love being able to take my time composing scenes, however, I can adapt to fast pace scenarios. Wedding same day edit films taught me to think fast and be efficient, and most importantly be ready for the moment. 

I have a deep passion for documenting the process, but most importantly being involved in story-driven projects. I'm more than capable of working solo, but always welcome the collaborative aspect. 

I currently reside in Orange County, California but always traveling in hopes of finding the best donut in the world. 

I can be contacted for freelance filming and editing.